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Click for free samples Model_013, sexy asian looking teen Jana.
Asian looking girl Jana playing with dildo & leather belt. Pretty nice. I did not even suppose this set to look so good.

Click for free samples Model_022, Cute teen girl Iren.
She was studying to be an exotic dancer when she first came to me. Sadly I didn't have place enough for her to show her dancing talents, so look at her as is. I can say that she pose quite well, because she posed couple of time for nude photo before. I can add that she was a virgin then despite her occupation. Which is rather unusual in her locality.

Click for free samples Amateur teen Model_004 Lena posing first time.
She was a virgin in her 21. It's an unusual thing I would say. How did I know she was a virgin? Simply. When I asked her to act like she's musturbating herself, she didn't know how. I exclaimed - "Don't you ever musturbated yourself?" She replied with a shy - "I have never done anything at all". Well. As for the rest - she was an ordinary girl. But though I did not find this girl too attractive, this set was quite popular in teen niche, because she looks very young, younger than her real age was.

Click for free samples Model_008, hot busty Anna posing second time
Anna posing in a topcoat and playing with a dildo. She has quite a gorgeous brests, if you didn't see her sets before. She was one of most popular of my models then. Nice. Hot. See yourself.

Click for free samples Model_024, busty Russian teen Olga doing hot blowjob
What can I say? It's a blowjob. Just a blowjob. Though it performed by a hot big-breasted 18teen which is already cool.

Click for free samples Model_019, teen amateur with small tits Nataly doing Blowjob
What to say? Just a blowjob shot from the point of view.

Click for free samples Russian beautiful blond amateur Julia.
This was her first experience of posing for nude photo. From the start she acted uncertainly, but then she became more relaxed and showed some pretty nice aspects. For my personal taste she is cute. I liked her waist and buttocks, her firm tits that are not large but still nice and her long hairs which are blonded, but suit her well. She told me that she was generally straight but she liked to play lesbian games. Regrettably I've never met her after that first and only shooting.

Click for free samples Model_024, hot Russian teen Olga.
This girl is was already experienced when she came to me. She used to pose for a couple of magazines before. Personally I didn't like her much, though I love such big natural tits a lot. And later I found out that this girl is very popular in teen niche.

Click for free samples Another nice Russian teen.
This girl was very photogenic. Really, when I shot her, I did not suppose that she would look so good. She has curly long hairs, red-painted a bit but still nice. She has a hairy pussy and she doesn't like to shave it. She has pretty firm tits. And the most important - she poses very well, though she amateur. Well, do I need to say more? Just look at her.

Click for free samples Model_021, Russian amateur redhead hottie Julia.
She had never posed before she came to me. But she's somewhat talented for that, I'd say. I found her to be very charming in some way. See yourself, may be you'll like her as much as I did.

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