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Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Model_024, busty Russian teen Olga stripping and fooling around
Olga has very tight robust body and great tits, she can be called chubby, I think. She was only 18-teen at the moment of that shooting. Here she stripping 3 different outfits, then posing nude and sucking lollipop. And all the time she's demonstrating her most prominent part of body - her gorgeous boobs. Enjoy.

Click for free samples Beautiful Julia fooling around with her sister
Two beautiful sisters (Model_039 Julia and Model_077 Nataly) undressing themselves & each other, posing nude, making fun. Some pantyhose fetish. SOFTCORE ONLY.

Click for free samples Model_008, busty Anna making multiple stripteases
I don't need to say anything about Anna. If you are my client, you already know her. She has big breasts being not big at figure. And she's young and pretty, though I'd say she looks older then she really is. She's 19. What did you think she was? Here she's undressing 5 outfits and just posing nude. No spread legs and closeups.

Click for free samples Anna - kinky wife with small saggy tits
This girl would be cool if not her tits. Her tits are just horrible. She loves to pose and do it just for fun, not for the money, she doesn't even need them. Her posing is pretty good (I can say that about almost any girl who loves to pose) and, as I said, if not her tits she would look very classy. However here are very few closeups. She's not shy at all, but tampax is not a cool thing to show. It seems some girls do not understand that it's not a good behaviour to came for shooting while on periods. I'm tired of it, and I always warn them, but it hapens again and again. I also have hardcore and lesbian sets with this girl. You can find them by Model_095 reference.

Click for free samples Average looking Russian brunette amateur Tamara getting naked
Another firsttimer amateur. Not beautiful, but cute. She had no much fantasy about posing, but at least she could smile nicely and could do what she was told to. Smooth skin, accurate tits.

Click for free samples Russian chubby amateur Elena posing nude with a sword
She was a painter. That's why she had a lot of fantasies about nude posing. She even brought a natural steel sword to make some posing with. She also said "I love it", I asked - "Posing?", and the reply was "I love everything that is connected to the sex". I could not even imagine that a girl with such a look may be crazy about sex and nude posing. Do not hold your breath to see her wide spread though, she love to pose, but she was too shy to spread at the first time. Her face looked rather nice, but as for her body - if she won't lay off the high hydrocarbon food, she's gonna end a real BBW.

Click for free samples Chunky brunette Marina showing her big ass. Another coincidence - a lot of fat and chubby girls I shot had a name Marina. This one was just an ordinary chunky Ukrainian amateur. She said she loved to wear dark colours, especially black which was not a surprice for me, big girls like wearing dark colours - they make them looking not that big. I'm sure that you'll like Marina if you are into big girls.

Click for free samples Susan - 28 y.o. amateur brunette with weak saggy tits.
This girl was really strange. She looked for me like she was over 30, when really she was 26. She had an asthenic build, but she was not thin. Her skin had ivory color. And she came to me not because she needed money but, as she said, "to get rid of some of her complexes". I had not figured out what exactly she ment, but she was talking to me whole shooting without a break. And I can say for sure that she really had a LOT of complexes.

Click for free samples Zhenya (Model_058) - slightly chubby teen amateur with good tits.
This girl looked like many girls you can meet at the street any day. Nothing special. Her face looked somewhat stupid and permanent chewing of gum was just increasing this impression. At least it was my opinion. She had quite nice tits though. And she was obviously starting getting fat. I thought then that if she would not take care about herself she ends fat pretty soon. Her ass was pretty big already, however at that moment I could not call her even a plumper. But I like robust girls, so I may underestimate this aspect.

Click for free samples Model_010, sexy Russian teen Tanya stripping for you
I've shot Tanya before and I could see that her images are rather popular. She's young, cute, genty and full of grace (she's judo student) That's why I gladly shot her again when she appeared. This set I made almost copmpletelly of striptease. You can find here only 35 images where Tanya just making a fun nude, when whole rest i.e. 120 images is all about striptease.

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