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Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Teen Svetlana takes off her clothes for you
Teen build, small tits, childish face - I do not like this type (and I do not like her face either), but I know she must be popular with those who find young ladies attractive
To see all sets with this teen use Model_A95

Click for free samples A Russian teen with dyed brunette hair taking off her panties, showing us her tiny tits, lifting up her skirt and letting rip. What powerful stream ! There are some great close-ups of the jet gushing out from between her large flappy labia.

Click for free samples A non-nude set for balloon fetishists featuring a sweet young Russian blonde.

Click for free samples Another set featuring the naughty Russian blonde; she’s pissing again, but from a platform and then watching it cascade off the path and into the lake.

Click for free samples Here’s a naughty Russian blonde the sort many of us dream about. She needs a piss in the forest so gives some ants a golden shower then fucks herself with a bottle then a banana, teasing us and the surviving ants.

Click for free samples Model_063, Russian teen Valya showing it all for you
Young looking Valya is back with us again. This girl was really 21, but everybody thinks she's barely 18. And overall, she's very popular. I don't understand this, honestly, I do not like her at all. Indeed, she's a very kind person to work with, but her appearance doesn't ring any bell with me... Well, anyway, I do not shoot these pics to look at them on my own. So if you like her, here she is. Here she's stripping and posing in my hallway.

Click for free samples Shy teen looking Russian brunette Olga undressing
She was brought to me by another model I shot before - Tatyana (Model_086). Tatyana said then "I have many friends who look very young". Seems it's a truth. Look at this girl - can you say that she was abot her 20 and she had a baby already?

Click for free samples Another nice Russian teen.
This girl was very photogenic. Really, when I shot her, I did not suppose that she would look so good. She has curly long hairs, red-painted a bit but still nice. She has a hairy pussy and she doesn't like to shave it. She has pretty firm tits. And the most important - she poses very well, though she amateur. Well, do I need to say more? Just look at her.

Click for free samples A elfin Russian teen with short brunette hair wearing only panties and heels playing around with green gloop.

Click for free samples Here’s that blonde Russian teen beauty that rings all my bells having a smoke with an elfin brunette friend.

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