Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Kinda horseface brunette in black pantyhose
Well... I think this girl has something horsy in her face. Looks like a whoren off whore with nasty expression on her face. Strangelly, but such girls sometimes arise me more than real beauties. What about you?
This entire update looks more like nylon update. I did not intend to do this, just so happened that most of sets in this update are nylon-related.

Click for free samples Russian brunette Lara in red negligee and her friend getting it on with a man friend. Plenty of sucking and licking ending with Lara getting a wad of thick cum licked off her face by her friend. For more Lara search using Model_O61.

Click for free samples Beautiful Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) doing a set especially for panty-hose fetishists.

Click for free samples A slim short-haired bottle-blond posing in a black body-stocking. She looks like a stripper you could see in any half decent club, nice figure, too much make-up and a face that brightens up when she smiles. She knows how to show off her body and gives us a good view of her partly shaved fanny.

Click for free samples Model_117, young looking blond Nataly showing her ass through pantyhose
Another ordinary young amateur. Firsttimer. Looks teen. This set is just a kind of pantyhose + ass + toe/foot fetish in one. See yourself.

Click for free samples A Russian teen in sporty kit and orange panty-hose, a definite panty-hose fetish set.

Click for free samples Two Russian chicks squatting down next to each other to have a piss.

Click for free samples A young Russian red head takes a piss in the deserted canal basin. I always like it when the girl pissing looks at the camera, many pee sets feature close-ups only, this photographer does both. The girl has a nice smoothly shave pussy with labia Id like to see more of maybe she could pull them out and to the side (in my dreams).

Click for free samples A young Russian red head takes a piss early one morning in the town centre.

Click for free samples A young Russian red head taken short while out for a walk beside the canal. She seems to have a good sized bladder judging by the size of that puddle.

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