Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples A cute little oriental looking Russian teen messing about with a brunette friend, lots of fingering and tongue interest.

Click for free samples Two lovely looking Russian brunettes having a smoke and getting close to each other; I reckon once the cigarettes are finished the action will start big-time.

Click for free samples I cannot work out if the blonde chick is above average, or if the oriental looking brunette is below average height. The brunette does look ‘barely legal’ but I reckon her muff shows she’s old enough. A strange set that looks as though it will develop into a full-on lesbo shoot .... but we leave early.

Click for free samples Photographer’s secretary Vera (Model_O34) giving some pre-audition posing advice to a new model how sports a pair of gravity defying perky tits. You guessed it! they both end up naked and you are left wondering what happened next.

Click for free samples Short haired brunette Tanya (Model_O08) and her blonde friend having some lezzie fun.

Click for free samples It’s been a while since big bouncy Russian teen Masha has appeared in the “Collection” ... here she is having her ample tits massaged by that cute blonde. No idea what they are using, yoghurt, white goo/ Who cares? There’s a huge archive featuring Masha, search using Model O25.

Click for free samples This Russian brunette is not pretty nor is she plain, there’s something about her face that many guys will like, nice expression? ‘come to bed’ eyes? Maybe you will know what I mean, some women are a mystery. Here she has a cat fight with a blonde chick in an inflatable pool.

Click for free samples Here’s that drop-dead Russian blonde I crave after having trouble while being served by her maid. You’d just have to join in wouldn’t you?

Click for free samples A red head Russian dominatrix having some mild BSDM with her chubby black haired slave.

Click for free samples A cute Russian blonde in summer dress playing ‘hop-scotch’ attracts a brunette admirer and after a bit of petting they go off hand in hand.

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