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Andys Collection
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Click for free samples A short non-nude set featuring a beautiful young Russian brunette posing provocatively.

Click for free samples Russian amateur Veronika with big natural tits strips for you
A face of this girl is a face of very ordinary girl, but she has big natural tits which, at least for me, makes her unordinary. Regrettably there is nothing other than that, average body with somewhat wide hips, pussy is shaved clean
To find other sets with this girl, use Model_A30

Click for free samples Russian amateur Veronika shows her big natural tits
A face of this girl is a face of very ordinary girl, but she has big natural tits which, at least for me, makes her unordinary. Regrettably there is nothing other than that, average body with somewhat wide hips, pussy is shaved clean
To find other sets with this girl, use Model_A30

Click for free samples Gothic brunette posing in very high heels.
Not that I actually like the girl, but the set is funny and probably worth looking at. Babe definitelly looks goth.

Click for free samples Svetlana - Russian amateur wife with small saggy tits
This girls is kinda ugly. Not ugly enough to fit ugly girls niche, but she's very far from cute and she has horrible tits. And honestly, she looked like an ordinary 25 y.o. amateur to me (at least untill she took her bra off) but on the pics she looks much more worse. You know, there are some people who look much better on photos than in real, but there are some who look much worse... She is one of the last. She's undressing and showing her pussy and ass in 3 different locations here. I ordered her to do not take her bra off after I had seen she did this first time.

Click for free samples A 20-something blonde with wonderful big firm tits, eating a banana or two and a few sweets. A soft core set, but who cares when we can see tits like this?
To see more of this girl, whoose name is Nataly, use Model_O0E

Click for free samples Big titted blond Nataly again, but this time stripping out of her lingerie to show her large tits. She has a pretty smile and offers some quite seductive expressions as well.
To see more of these gorgeous boobs use Model_O0E (I know that letter based numeration is not cool for most of you but you just have to click it...)

Click for free samples Ordinary amateur Zina posing nude first time
There is nothing I can say about this girl. Someone may find her attractivelly young, but as an experienced photographer I know she's not good for teen niche. Other than that, she doesn't have any advantages.
To find other sets with this girl, use Model_A75

Click for free samples Morning fucking of ordinary russian amateurs
I think this girl is ugly. You may not agree with me, but if you agree, you can ask me - why I keep shoting such girls. I think I answered this question many times here. 1. some people may find this girl attractive. 2. she does hardcore and does it naturally 3. she may have really cute friends and bring them to me for a shooting. Those are often quite a reason.
This set is just an ordinary hardcore - fucking and sucking. If you want to find more sets with this girl, use Model_184 as reference.

Click for free samples Model_116, amateur blond young wife Lubov undressing in my kitchen
Ordinary 22 year old amateur. Nothing special at all, just ordinary next-door girl type. In this set she's stripping and showing her pussy and ass wide spread in the kitchen. Looks like a real young housewife.

Click for free samples Popular Russian blonde Krista needs no introduction to anyone who has spent an hour or two surfing TGP sites. There’s already a huge archive of her earlier work in the “Collection” (check out April 2003) to see her getting up to all sorts of naked fun.

Click for free samples Sexy Russian blonde Marina posing nude in front of a window. She has quite big pendulous tits with dark areolae, from the size and shape of her tits, I think stretch marks might appear any month soon, but hey, so what, they look great. To see more of this cutie use Model_L16.

Click for free samples One of three sets this month featuring big busty blonde Russian Nataly (Model_O0E). In this set she’s in the countryside and initially I thought she might be wanting to take a pee, but no such luck. What we do get are some great shots of her wonderful breasts as she walks around naked in the woods.

Click for free samples A wonderful solo set of Alena smiling at us and looking so very cute with her short hair style. She shows her superb body off to perfection, smooth shaved cameltoe, spreading to show the moist interior, fingering, looking straight into the camera, great smile, brown eyes. And those tits! Wow! I think odd sized tits are a real plus (though most chicks blessed with them disagree). Alena’s are perfect, big, firm and with huge pink areolae. They are just starting to develop stretch marks, but who cares? For more Alena (if you can take it) see Model_O02.

Click for free samples Beautiful buxom Russian blonde Nataly (Model_O0E) naked from the start, oiling herself. She looks great, and she knows it.

Click for free samples Another beauty that rings all my bells, beautiful tall blonde Oksana with her big succulent tits and hairy muff. What more is there to be said ... just sit back and enjoy. For more sets featuring Oksana see Model_O20.

Click for free samples Another set of slim Nataly with tight body and lizard tatoo.
Unfortunately she looks rather bored in most of her poses, perhaps she is just lonely? Lucky for us she certainly knows how to show off the goods.
For more sets see Model_F61.

Click for free samples An unshaven ‘girl next door’ quickly taking off her clothes to show her sweet natural body. She has interesting tits, one a slightly bigger and more pendulous than the other, it also has a larger areola, but both look equally succulent. Towards the end we get a glimpse of her sticky labia amongst the thick hair. She has great legs and shows them off well in her heels.

Click for free samples Teen Olesya sucking and fucking
Another hardcore set with cute teen Olesya. Though I don't usually like teen looking girls, I must admire that a compination of her face and a cock in her mouth is a real turn on.
To see other photos of this girl use Model_D01

Click for free samples Cute Russian teen Olesya in hardcore action
Another hardcore set with Model_D01, sexy Russian teen Olesya. Nothing special to say, she sucks and fucks here and as always, she's good at it.

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