Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Semi-naked Russian chubby teen Lena (Model O63) fingering herself while sitting in a chair.

Click for free samples Russian teen plumper Lena (Model 063) with curly red hair getting part naked and masturbating with a hunting knife.

Click for free samples An attractive teen with a nice smile; always I find a smile makes the model look more appealing. This girl has a nice face with nice big eyes and tempting lips. Her tits are nice and firm and she soon gets down to dildoing herself. Nice shots of her stretched fanny and her little clit popping out to say ‘hello.’
To see more of this girl use Model_E09

Click for free samples Chubby busty beauty showing off.
Cute brunette with awesome big natural tits
To see more of her use Model_M01

Click for free samples Model_027, hot mature brunette mom Nataly.
Take a look at this, guys. I mean both - the face and the figure. You can see here the classic type of Ukrainian beauty. She's 40, and she's faded, women fade early here. But you still can see these lines. Imagine her at her 20. You know, here in the city we have a lot of nations mixed. Actually it's a rare case to see a pure genotype. But she's from the middle of Ukraine, where it's wide spread. It's a pity that she lost a lot of her glamour to her only 40. Life was not soft to her. But she still has the remnants of past shining. She was not skilful in posing at alll, but I managed to make some good shots. She was an amateur and this was her first time. The only reason why she agreed is that her daughter Olga (Model_024), who posed for me before, talked her in. BTW, we can see now where Olga's big tits came from.

Click for free samples A chubby short haired brunette, a real ‘girl-next-door’ who I think has not done much posing before. She starts off with a nice big smile but her expression changes when she realises it’s a nude shoot. But she gets the smile back quickly – the camera man is telling her what a great body she has etc etc. Nice puffy nipples and shaved spread pussy.

Click for free samples Sexy plump Russian teen beauty Alena changing in the clothing store (she knows you are watching and loves it). Fantastic body, pretty face, for more Alena search using Model_O02.

Click for free samples Another set with plump Russian teen Alena in a cat-fight (there’s more Alena cat-fighting, search using Model_O02). There’s some wonderful shots of Alena’s succulent arse and wonderful tits in this set.

Click for free samples Russian chubby amateur Elena posing nude with a sword
She was a painter. That's why she had a lot of fantasies about nude posing. She even brought a natural steel sword to make some posing with. She also said "I love it", I asked - "Posing?", and the reply was "I love everything that is connected to the sex". I could not even imagine that a girl with such a look may be crazy about sex and nude posing. Do not hold your breath to see her wide spread though, she love to pose, but she was too shy to spread at the first time. Her face looked rather nice, but as for her body - if she won't lay off the high hydrocarbon food, she's gonna end a real BBW.

Click for free samples Cute chubby Russian Alena (Model_O02) fighting with another beauty who, from her looks, might be her younger sister. Alena’s body could drive a man wild (OK it drives me wild). She has big firm tits with huge areolae and one tit much bigger than the other (for me a real turn on). Two sweeties.

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