Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Plump Russian blonde Lena (Model_O63) posing in blue negligee and with an inflatable crab.

Click for free samples First prize for irresistible camel-toes goes this month to this cute chubby short haired blonde. She’s a real ‘girl-next-door’ type, she looks totally innocent and naive but seems to know what posing is all about. Those big plump tits look rock firm to me.

Click for free samples A chubby short haired brunette, a real ‘girl-next-door’ who I think has not done much posing before. She starts off with a nice big smile but her expression changes when she realises it’s a nude shoot. But she gets the smile back quickly – the camera man is telling her what a great body she has etc etc. Nice puffy nipples and shaved spread pussy.

Click for free samples I guess there was a chick like this at your school? Cute, nice body, but would not let you put your hand up her jumper on the first date and probably told you she wanted to be a virgin when she married the right man. Here’s how she ended up, well on the way to becoming a nympho. This girl's name is Luda, Model_O54

Click for free samples Big cuddly Russian teen Dasha (Model_O27) giving a new meaning to ‘breakfast in bed’ She seems to be coating her plump body in banana toffee spread and fruit coulis and I find it surprising the banana does not vanish up her pussy. What a way to serve you breakfast?

Click for free samples Model_192, fat Russian blonde Marina playing with dildo
I don't remember if I told you that Marina - is a quite common name for chubby girls I used to shoot. I don't know if this is a coincidence, or girls with a name Marina really tend to be more fat and naughty than others... Nevermind. This girl is young, nice and fat - it's all that's needed for young-fat niche. You may not like her, but she rocks in this niche.
Marina strips, poses nude, spreads her legs, plays with dildo here.

Click for free samples Russian chubby amateur Elena posing nude with a sword
She was a painter. That's why she had a lot of fantasies about nude posing. She even brought a natural steel sword to make some posing with. She also said "I love it", I asked - "Posing?", and the reply was "I love everything that is connected to the sex". I could not even imagine that a girl with such a look may be crazy about sex and nude posing. Do not hold your breath to see her wide spread though, she love to pose, but she was too shy to spread at the first time. Her face looked rather nice, but as for her body - if she won't lay off the high hydrocarbon food, she's gonna end a real BBW.

Click for free samples It’s been a while since big bouncy Russian teen Masha has appeared in the “Collection” ... here she is having her ample tits massaged by that cute blonde. No idea what they are using, yoghurt, white goo/ Who cares? There’s a huge archive featuring Masha, search using Model O25.

Click for free samples Semi-naked Russian chubby teen Lena (Model O63) fingering herself while sitting in a chair.

Click for free samples Plump Russian blonde teen Lena (Model O63) having some food fun. She starts by masturbating with an ice lolly, but surely that’s not mustard she is smearing around her fanny and up her arse-hole?

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