Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples A sophisticated looking long haired Russian blonde wearing glasses taking a piss on a picnic table in the forest, well actually (and you will miss this if accessing in ‘free view’) she takes two, one with some great shots from behind. Some nice close-ups of her big fat fanny and dangling labia soaked in warm golden nectar.

Click for free samples Here’s a chubby Russian brunette stripping off and showing everything. Many chubbers are like this – full of smiles, not exactly glamorous but keen to get their kit off.

Click for free samples Slightly plump long haired Russian teen Lena just home from school and relaxing in her room. A set of interest to glasses fetishists. To see more of Lena use Model_O63

Click for free samples Amateur young wife Olga stripping in stocking
23 y.o. amateur. She claimed to be ex vice miss of our city (she said she was it 5 years ago), but I can't say that looking at her... Though, her face is pretty nice, espessialy it would be if not got fat, but the tits and the body overall are definitelly not my choise. Anyway, she can pass as real amateur and bay be as chubby. BTW, it was her first time of getting completelly nude in front of cam. Though she used to pose dressed before for sure. You'd better just look at it to see what's this set all about. Due to the lack of clothes she brought I had to improvise... Topcoat, red lingerie and black stockings... Doesn't look too great, but I think someone may like it. There were 4 sets with her made in one session, use Model_133 for the reference.

Click for free samples Russian chubby amateur Elena posing nude with a sword
She was a painter. That's why she had a lot of fantasies about nude posing. She even brought a natural steel sword to make some posing with. She also said "I love it", I asked - "Posing?", and the reply was "I love everything that is connected to the sex". I could not even imagine that a girl with such a look may be crazy about sex and nude posing. Do not hold your breath to see her wide spread though, she love to pose, but she was too shy to spread at the first time. Her face looked rather nice, but as for her body - if she won't lay off the high hydrocarbon food, she's gonna end a real BBW.

Click for free samples It’s been a while since big bouncy Russian teen Masha has appeared in the “Collection” ... here she is having her ample tits massaged by that cute blonde. No idea what they are using, yoghurt, white goo/ Who cares? There’s a huge archive featuring Masha, search using Model O25.

Click for free samples Semi-naked Russian chubby teen Lena (Model O63) fingering herself while sitting in a chair.

Click for free samples A chubby 50-something Russian red head getting it on with a young guy.

Click for free samples A plump Russian blonde teen pissing on a park bench.

Click for free samples Plump Russian teen Lena (Model_O63) having some fun in the kitchen with a banana and tomatoes.

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