Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples A buxom Russian blonde of indeterminate age (probably younger than she looks) inflating a large balloon.

Click for free samples Russian chubby amateur Elena posing nude with a sword
She was a painter. That's why she had a lot of fantasies about nude posing. She even brought a natural steel sword to make some posing with. She also said "I love it", I asked - "Posing?", and the reply was "I love everything that is connected to the sex". I could not even imagine that a girl with such a look may be crazy about sex and nude posing. Do not hold your breath to see her wide spread though, she love to pose, but she was too shy to spread at the first time. Her face looked rather nice, but as for her body - if she won't lay off the high hydrocarbon food, she's gonna end a real BBW.

Click for free samples A plump Russian mature with dyed blonde hair, the sort of friendly looking woman who might serve you in the corner shop. Not ugly, not glamorous, but a pleasant face and big floppy tits and a plump pussy. More sucking and fucking.

Click for free samples Plump Russian teen Lena (Model_O63) sitting at her apartment window in negligee and exposing herself for our pleasure.

Click for free samples Here’s another big Russian lady you’d not want to argue with, she looks quite a handful. She has a lovely plump fanny, you cannot but admire and want to lay with those massive fat camel-toe lips. She seems to give a hearty suck too.

Click for free samples A buxom Russian blonde of indeterminate age (probably younger than she looks) getting her big tits out while smoking a cigarette. She’s attractive in that way only fat chick have (I guess you know what I mean?)

Click for free samples Gorgeous plump Russian brunette Alena with cheeky smile and a long necked bottle. Alas this is a soft-core set nothing happens to the bottle! You can check out a massive archive of Alena, which eventually will contain all the work she did for this studio by visiting Model_O02.

Click for free samples She’s pretty, she’s young and she’s BIG, it can only be Russian teen Masha (Model_O25). Here she is playing in the studio with her massive soft tits.

Click for free samples You’d never ask buxom Russian teen Masha (Model_O25) out for a drink, but certainly ask her back home for one if this is how she behaves after a can of beer. From the expression on her face you just know she’s going to do something naughty, and ending up stark naked must be a real bonus. What a body!

Click for free samples Another set featuring sweet chubby short haired Russian teen Alena (Model_O02). Here she gets up to tricks with her lip gloss. Unfortunately painting it onto her fanny lips for me is a turn off – like she’s having her period, I’d rather she used yoghurt or some other edible stuff. But isn’t she gorgeous? Those wonderful asymmetric tits and the shots of her bald pussy before it gets painted red.

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All models appearing on this website were 18 years or older at the moment of the shooting.