Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples A plump Russian blonde teen pissing on a park bench.

Click for free samples A Russian blonde teen pissing in the park one evening. She strips naked then pisses standing, bending and squatting.

Click for free samples A young Russian red head takes a piss in the deserted canal basin. I always like it when the girl pissing looks at the camera, many pee sets feature close-ups only, this photographer does both. The girl has a nice smoothly shave pussy with labia I’d like to see more of – maybe she could pull them out and to the side (in my dreams).

Click for free samples A blonde Russian teen in a summer dress taking a pee on a park bench.

Click for free samples A short haired Russian blonde mature with small tits and a decent body seducing a younger man and ending up with a facials.

Click for free samples A blonde Russian teen with tiny tits cooling off in the river on a hot sunny day. You have to ask has she just pissed in the river or will she do so soon?

Click for free samples A mature Russian bottle-blonde masturbating, spreading and generally making sure we get a good look at everything while still keeping her dress on – that’s a skill that comes with age and experience. Nice wide stretching showing her large pee-hole and fascinating arse-hole in close up. Not a bad looker for her age, but obviously been round the block a few times.

Click for free samples Two blondies pretending to be master and slave.
Pretty lame, but kinda funny.

Click for free samples Here’s my lovely Russian blonde teen again, and wearing another great pair of shoes (I don’t have a shoe fetish, I just think she wears really nice shoes, she has good fashion sense. OK that’s a fetish isn’t it?) Here she is having fun with some large balloons and keeping her negligee on.

Click for free samples It’s been a while since big bouncy Russian teen Masha has appeared in the “Collection” ... here she is having her ample tits massaged by that cute blonde. No idea what they are using, yoghurt, white goo/ Who cares? There’s a huge archive featuring Masha, search using Model O25.

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All models appearing on this website were 18 years or older at the moment of the shooting.