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Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Morning fucking of ordinary russian amateurs
I think this girl is ugly. You may not agree with me, but if you agree, you can ask me - why I keep shoting such girls. I think I answered this question many times here. 1. some people may find this girl attractive. 2. she does hardcore and does it naturally 3. she may have really cute friends and bring them to me for a shooting. Those are often quite a reason.
This set is just an ordinary hardcore - fucking and sucking. If you want to find more sets with this girl, use Model_184 as reference.

Click for free samples Gothic brunette posing in very high heels.
Not that I actually like the girl, but the set is funny and probably worth looking at. Babe definitelly looks goth.

Click for free samples Nice brunette amateur Kristina pleasuring herself in bathtub
Cute face, hot ass, but weak tits, What a pity. I bet she milked a child and did not take any care of her tits, and this is a sad result.
Use Model_A44 to see more photos with this girl.

Click for free samples Amateur with huge tits licking her boss at work place
This is just another, this time lesbian scene, played by our swinger friends for you. If you want to find more set with these girls use Model_181 (a one with big tits) and Model_182 as reference.

Click for free samples Chubby amateur showing it all for you.
This girl is not ugly, but she doesn't really have anything to be proud of. Chubby build, veak tits, ordinary face. But then again, this site is not about pornstars but about exactly girls like this - ordinary amateurs. And my taste is not an ultimate measure either.

Click for free samples Redhead amateur Sophy takes off her jeans for you
There is a Russian saying about such girls - I cannot translate it properly but it sounds somewhat like "no skin, no face". That's exactly it. She doesn't have cute face, she doesn't have good tits and her shapes suck. Just an unhealthy life style amateur you can randomly pick up in any Russian city.
If for some reason you want to see more of this girl, use Model_A98

Click for free samples Blond Olga taking a shower
Tall amateur with small tits and very wide for her built hips. Unproportional, with kinda horse vulgar face and square shoulders. It can still be a fun to see her naked, but fucking her seems to be a doubtful pleasure... May be from behind...
If for any reason you wish to see more of her, use Model_A61

Click for free samples Nice blond amateur Marina undressing for you first time
She has cute face, but the rest is too ordinary. She's kinda chubby and her tits are not cool at all.
If you want to see more of her, use Model_A47

Click for free samples Blond Russian amateur Anna posing nude in stocking
Ordinary face, nose kinda too big, natural tits, nothing extraordinary. But I like a look of her legs and ass from behind. Makes me horny :) Use Model_A37 to see more sets with this girl.

Click for free samples Model_158, teen amateur with saggy tits Karina undressing in my kitchen
Just imagine this warm looking bitch waiting for you at your own kitchen open and ready for everything you are able to do with her. She told me many times she often practices an anal sex with her numerous boyfriends and during it she’s bended over the table with her hair squeezed tight and all this stuff. But maybe its just one of her fantasies that never happened in a real life. I didn’t try to check.

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