Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Gothic brunette posing in very high heels.
Not that I actually like the girl, but the set is funny and probably worth looking at. Babe definitelly looks goth.

Click for free samples Shy amateur Lesya showing her ordinary body.
This girl was one timer. She was not a model at all, she just got into unpleasant situation and needed fast money. She was in kind of sterss because of her problems so I couldn't get her smiling despite my all attempts. The only interesting thing about this girl was that she had very puffy nipples.

Click for free samples The sultry long haired brunette Nataly stripping and posing on the bed and unfortunately not giving a very erotic performance. Maybe she’s a bit shy, or just bored.
To see more of this girl use Model_F35

Click for free samples Sweet little Natasha getting chained, cuffed and clipped in the forest.
I cannot decide if she looks miserable or cold, or maybe she is worried the photographer will leave her there after the shoot. Beautiful tits with those big dark areolae, but a set that might not be to everyone’s liking.

Click for free samples Amateur with huge tits licking her boss at work place
This is just another, this time lesbian scene, played by our swinger friends for you. If you want to find more set with these girls use Model_181 (a one with big tits) and Model_182 as reference.

Click for free samples An unshaven ‘girl next door’ quickly taking off her clothes to show her sweet natural body. She has interesting tits, one a slightly bigger and more pendulous than the other, it also has a larger areola, but both look equally succulent. Towards the end we get a glimpse of her sticky labia amongst the thick hair. She has great legs and shows them off well in her heels.

Click for free samples A red head 20-something chick with nice smile and tiny tits finding a new use for a flower vase. She gives her camel-toe a bit of a stretch, but I reckon with some lube the end of the vase would go in easily. This is Lora, Model_L47

Click for free samples Curly amateur posing nude among the trees
This girl is not stunning cute, but she has nice face with a mild expression. She's quite young also...

Click for free samples Average Russian amateur Larisa showing off in a shower. Nothing special, just a lazy stupid amateur wife (I tell this from her face) dressed in kinky clothing, which she quickly takes off. No tits, no face, only horny stupid expression. I’m sure though many men may like her. I should confess that I often got aroused by chicks like this. Not that I ever dare to fuck them – it gives more problems than delight, so I kept them on distance, but they certainly can make a man horny. BTW, I don’t know why but chicks with name Larisa I knew often were lazy irresponsible horny chicks.

Click for free samples Chubby Russian teen Masha (Model_O25) having some lezzie fun with a well-built older friend. Before her pregnancy she looks younger and quite innocent.

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