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Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Big Russian girl Lora in fancy dress; she’s going to the party as a pirate but has taken a length of rope in the hope of some bondage. For more Lora visit Model_O39.

Click for free samples A set for panty-hose fetishist featuring short haired Russian Lora (Model_O39) and a blue vibrator. Another big girl with lovely tits and a great smile.

Click for free samples Big buxom Russian twenty-something Lora (Model_O39) loosely tied with rope posing on a black PVC sheet with a green vibrator. Some nice shots of Lora’s plump camel-toe and spread pussy revealing her small labia and little pee-hole, some of the moisture on her fingers obviously comes from her cute tight-looking fanny.

Click for free samples Big busty Russian red-head Lora posing in a silver foil lined room (like those places where people grow cannabis indoors) checking her body out with a hand mirror and seeing what the handle feels like. For more sets featuring Lora search using Model_O39.

Click for free samples Buxom short haired Russian chick Lora (Model_O39) in a black PVC outfit and dog collar undergoing a bit of humiliation from guy with a knife. I’d like to see the tables turned and Lora stick the knife up the guy’s arse, that might take the smile of his face.

Click for free samples Short-haired, buxom Russian amateur Lora being initiated into group sex by a slim tall blond chick and her boy friend; some nice hardcore shots. For more sets featuring Lora, visit Model_O39.

Click for free samples The action looks quite serious as big girls Lora (Model_O39) and Masha (Model_O25) sort out their differences in the ring. Imagine getting to grips with those plump oiled bodies?

Click for free samples Well built Russian young mature looking teen Lora playing a dominatrix, but at times forgetting her role (like giving the man’s cock a licking). She has fantastic floppy tits, what to be had with them?
To see more of Lora use Model_O39

Click for free samples Another set featuring the young looking mature or mature looking teen Lora (Model_O39), here she is having a cat-fight with big buxom Masha (Model_O25) both of them oiled and slippery. I can never decide if one of Masha’s tits is bigger than the other, if I get the chance I’ll have to spend some time checking them out.

Click for free samples This is yet another woman I like, not drop dead gorgeous and I cannot decide if she is a young looking ‘mature’ or a teen that looks way above her age. Maybe its the big tits and smile that does it for me. She always looks as if she’s having fun and proud to show off her plump body. This is Lora, Model_O39

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