Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples A soft-core set featuring big bouncy Russian teen Masha (Model_O25) having a smoke.

Click for free samples Big Russian brunette Masha on the telephone and playing with her wonderful large titties. From her looks, this is an early set, before she had a baby. For other sets of Masha before and during pregnancy search using Model_O25.

Click for free samples Big bouncy Russian brunette Masha (Model_O25) posing in her under wear and playing with herself while making a phone call. Some of the shots show her pre-pregnancy tits off to perfection.

Click for free samples Big buxom Russian brunette Masha posing before she became pregnant, showing her massive tits. Masha looks sweet and innocent in her early sets, she is a plump girl and I think with age will go from plump to fat and her youthful innocent looks will vanish. A pity, but that’s life and I guess it happens to us all to some degree. You can detect the change by checking out all Masha’s sets by visiting Model_O25.

Click for free samples A nice set featuring big red-head Russian teen Masha (Model_O25), naked from the start and oiling herself all over. Although a ‘big girl’ because of her youth she has a plump tight body, just look at the shots of her with her back to the camera, wonderful firm bum and those tits .... ! Imagine them slapping your face.

Click for free samples Here’s a great fantasy . . . it’s your birthday and Masha has made you a cake, now you must eat it. Alas, we can only look and imagine. For more Masha visit Model_O25.

Click for free samples Big bouncy Russian teen Masha looking shy but provocative as she slowly removes her bra. Masha has a pleasant face, not pretty, not ugly, great complexion, nice smile and her body though plump looks firm, but I think age and pregnancy will not be kind to her. For more Masha, including sets of her when pregnant, search using Model_O25.

Click for free samples Of course you can never tell when you are phoning someone what they are actually doing. Here big and bouncy Russian teen Masha (Model_O25) plays with her wonderful large tits and squeezes her nipples whilst having a conversation. I have said before I like Masha, big tits apart, she has a good completion and a peaceful look about her.

Click for free samples Buxom Russian teen Masha getting her beautiful tits out and rubbing her nipples with a sticky lolly-pop. Masha is one of those girls that is not particularly beautiful, but neither is she plain or ugly. Personally I find something appealing about her face but cannot explain. She reminds me of one of those girls left sitting at the side of the room at a high school dance, not a red-hot first choice cracker, but 100% woman and likely to give you a fantastic time

Click for free samples Big bouncy Russian brunette teen Masha posing in stockings and panties with some balloons by the Christmas tree. This must be one of Masha’s early sets, she looks sweet and innocent, a little bit shy. Check her out in more sets at Model_O25.

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