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Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Buxom Russian nurse Masha (Model_O25) checking herself out with a stethoscope. I think Masha is almost attractive, one of those women that at times looks good, at other times looks not so good. I cannot help think Masha will become quite fat as she gets older, if you check out Model_O25 with sets before and during her pregnancy you will notice a change in her body shape (and in her massive tits).

Click for free samples A soft-core balloon fetish set featuring big Russian girl Masha (Model_O25).

Click for free samples Innocent looking big bouncy Russian brunette teen Masha just out of the shower. In some shots her left tit looks a larger than her right. I cannot make my mind up if one is bigger or its size is affected by the way she is holding her arm or bending her body, I have to keep looking. For more Masha visit Model_O25.

Click for free samples The action looks quite serious as big girls Lora (Model_O39) and Masha (Model_O25) sort out their differences in the ring. Imagine getting to grips with those plump oiled bodies?

Click for free samples Another set featuring big bouncy Russian teen Masha (Model_O25). Masha’s not exactly ‘beautiful’ but I find there’s something very appealing about her face. Here she messes about with a balloon.

Click for free samples Chubby Russian teen Masha doing her make-up and checking out her pussy with her mirror. If you think about it, chicks cannot get a good view of their puss without a mirror. This set was shot before she became pregnant and her massive mammaries changed character – you can see more sets with Masha including sets taken during her pregnancy by searching using Model_O25, check out those tits.

Click for free samples Another set featuring the young looking mature or mature looking teen Lora (Model_O39), here she is having a cat-fight with big buxom Masha (Model_O25) both of them oiled and slippery. I can never decide if one of Masha’s tits is bigger than the other, if I get the chance I’ll have to spend some time checking them out.

Click for free samples Big Russian brunette Masha photographed before getting pregnant and playing around with a bar stool. You can see her tits change as pregnancy advances by checking out the various sets by searching using Model_O25.

Click for free samples Another balloon fetish set featuring big Russian girl Masha (Model_O25) and friend.

Click for free samples Pregnant Russian brunette Masha playing with her massive mammaries; you can almost feel the slap as they hit your face. For more Masha visit Model_O25.

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