Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Well-built Russian beauty Masha (Model_O25) stripping off and posing with some apples. There are some lovely shots of Masha’s beautiful big tits and plump trimmed camel-toe in this set.

Click for free samples It’s been a while since big bouncy Russian teen Masha has appeared in the “Collection” ... here she is having her ample tits massaged by that cute blonde. No idea what they are using, yoghurt, white goo/ Who cares? There’s a huge archive featuring Masha, search using Model O25.

Click for free samples An early set featuring big Russian brunette Masha and her friend (from under my desk). A soft lezzie set with the two half naked beauties blowing fag smoke over each other’s private parts. There’s a huge archive of Masha at Model_O25.

Click for free samples Big bouncy Russian brunette Masha and friend oiled up and having a cat fight amongst feathers. Unfortunately the feather obscure the fine detail of the girls naked bodies. Search using Model_O25 to see Masha’s huge archive.

Click for free samples We’ve not seen much of buxom Russian teen Masha for a while, but here she makes an appearance cat-fighting a busty opponent. I’d like to see this on video and maybe without the feathers as they do get in the way at times. There’s a large archive featuring Masha check it out at Model_O25.

Click for free samples A food fetish set featuring big busty Russian redhead Masha and a brunette friend playing with a jug of cream. There’s a huge archive which eventually will include all the work Masha ever did for this studio, before and during pregnancy, filed under Model_O25.

Click for free samples Big buxom Russian teen Masha giving her ample tits a work-out with a masseur’s vibrator .... and apparently enjoying it too. You will find a huge archive of Masha’s work by searching Model_O25, it includes sets of her during her first pregnancy, you can see her tits get bigger and her nipples expand and darken as her pregnancy develops.

Click for free samples Buxom Russian teen Masha shaving her plump camel-toe and getting distracted by rubbing shaving foam on her massive firm tits. The “Collection” has a large archive of Masha, which will eventually include all her modelling work at Model_O25.

Click for free samples Every photographer should have video equipment, this set featuring big bouncy Russian teen Masha (Model_O25) just has to be video’d, stills are not acceptable.

Click for free samples She’s pretty, she’s young and she’s BIG, it can only be Russian teen Masha (Model_O25). Here she is playing in the studio with her massive soft tits.

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