Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Beautiful plump Russian teen Alena (for more sets see Model_O02) getting it on with an older friend. It is a pity this set is so short but we get to see the goods.

Click for free samples Another early set featuring short haired Russian brunette beauty Alena (Model_O02). This set show her using the toilet – taking off her shorts, removing her tampon, squatting on the pan, peeing, wiping dry, putting shorts back on. All very basic bodily function stuff and quite tittilating.

Click for free samples Ultra-sexy plump Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) out for a walk in the forest. Being Alena of course, it’s not long before she gets her wonderful tits out and flashes her succulent cunt.

Click for free samples Beautiful plump Russian Alena rubbing lotion over her wonderful body. She likes doing this sort of set on camera knowing hundreds of guys will be pulling themselves off looking at her. If she did this on stage in as club, there’d be a riot. For more Alena visit Model_O02 if you have the stamina.

Click for free samples It looks like it’s a hot day for beautiful plump Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) featured here in white undies in her apartment. Some good views of her large asymmetric tits with their huge areolae and of her hairy pussy.

Click for free samples Surely this is a combination that would suit any man? Slim blonde Varya (Model_O41) with cute little titties and plump brunette Alena (Model_O02) with big firm tits, and look at their arses at the end of the set, days of pleasure there!

Click for free samples Beautiful short haired Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) messing around with a red-haired friend and some balloons.

Click for free samples Another set with plump Russian teen Alena in a cat-fight (there’s more Alena cat-fighting, search using Model_O02). There’s some wonderful shots of Alena’s succulent arse and wonderful tits in this set.

Click for free samples Popular plump Russian teen Alena posing with an equally beautiful friend, showing each other their tits and having some girly fun together. For more sets featuring Alena search using Model_O02.

Click for free samples Another set featuring gorgeous Russian teen Alena and a friend (or maybe even her sister) getting bored doing the housework and ending up getting it on together. There are some good shots of Alena’s pretty fanny wide open and inviting. For more sets featuring Alena see Model_O02.

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