Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Two girls I think are drop-dead gorgeous, Alena and her cute blonde friend with an amazing smile. They are enjoying a day outdoors taking in the rays, and understandably unable to keep their hands off each other, in a public park (if you look carefully there are one or two people in the back ground and the old guy toward the end looks very much as if he’s having a wank behind that bush). For more Alena search using Model_O02; the cute blond beauty features in some other sets with Alena.

Click for free samples Beautiful tall Russian blonde Oksana enjoying showing us her perfect large tits with big pink areolae. For more Oksana visit Model_O20.

Click for free samples A rather strange set featuring gorgeous short haired Russia teen Alena playing with six penis shaped candles, all of which she lights at the end. Psychologists will have fun interpreting hidden meaning here I dare say, most of us would just enjoy seeing a partly naked beauty rolling around on the floor having fun. One of three sets this month featuring Alena (Model_O02).

Click for free samples Gorgeous plump Russian brunette Alena with cheeky smile and a long necked bottle. Alas this is a soft-core set nothing happens to the bottle! You can check out a massive archive of Alena, which eventually will contain all the work she did for this studio by visiting Model_O02.

Click for free samples Russian beauty Alena on her wedding night and her stupid husband go so drunk he passed out. So not wishing to miss out, she takes her own virginity with a dildo (yeah! right). I guess this is a set for menstruation fetishists, not usually a subject seen in the “Collection”. For a huge archive featuring Alena visit Model_O02.

Click for free samples Beautiful Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) doing a set especially for panty-hose fetishists.

Click for free samples Ultra-sexy plump Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) out for a walk in the forest. Being Alena of course, it’s not long before she gets her wonderful tits out and flashes her succulent cunt.

Click for free samples Sexy plump Russian teen beauty Alena changing in the clothing store (she knows you are watching and loves it). Fantastic body, pretty face, for more Alena search using Model_O02.

Click for free samples Another of this month’s three sets featuring beautiful chubby teen Russian Alena (Model_O02). Look at the first set of pictures then ask yourself this, “If Alena was sitting naked on your face would you have an erection like a flag pole or an erection like a flag pole?” What is it about this guy?

Click for free samples Short haired plump Russian brunette Alena and her friend with long blonde hair (who incidentally rings all my bells too) having a smoke and a bit of soft lezzie fun. This young blonde appears in other sets in the “Collection” solo and with others. For more Alena, see Model_002.

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