Andys Collection
Andys Collection
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Click for free samples Beautiful Russian brunette Alena being photographed in a wedding dress. It is true when ever Alena sees a camera she has a pathological desire to get her tits out and flash her fanny. Here she get quite uncontrollable and the photographer needs help. Alena does not often do hardcore but here she is sucking away on two cocks ending up with two wads of thick cream on her face and tits. For more Alena search using Model_O02.

Click for free samples Ultra-sexy plump Russian teen Alena (Model_O02) out for a walk in the forest. Being Alena of course, it’s not long before she gets her wonderful tits out and flashes her succulent cunt.

Click for free samples Beautiful plump Russian Alena rubbing lotion over her wonderful body. She likes doing this sort of set on camera knowing hundreds of guys will be pulling themselves off looking at her. If she did this on stage in as club, there’d be a riot. For more Alena visit Model_O02 if you have the stamina.

Click for free samples Beautiful plump teen short-haired brunette Alena, naked from the start, having some fun out doors in the late summer sunshine. It is a pity this set is so short, Alena is always a pleasure to watch and always seems to enjoy getting in front of the camera. For more sets featuring Alena search using Model_O02.

Click for free samples Currently one of the most popular girls in the ‘Collection’ gorgeous short-haired plump teen Alena (Model_O02). She quickly removes her red satin pyjamas and has a play with her vibrator. I like Alena’s boobs, one bigger than the other and both with fantastic nipples.

Click for free samples Another set featuring Alena (Model_O02) letting a lucky guy grope her and play with her tasty shaved pussy. What wonderful tits ... and those areolae! Wow!

Click for free samples We all have our own likes and dislikes and every once in a while a set appears which rings all the bells; for me this is one of those rare sets. The girls will never be top models, but they have genuine quality and are naturally very sexy. Short hair plump Russian teen Alena and her equally beautiful long blonde haired friend have fun with an exceptionally lucky guy who, as any one would, shoots his bolt all over their welcoming faces. The set includes some excellent cock sucking shots. It is not often we see Alena in action as we do here, for more sets with Alena see Model_O02.

Click for free samples Gorgeous short haired Russian amateur Alena messing around and getting messy. This girl really does ring all my bells, she’s plump but not fat and her body is tight and firm looking. She’s got a pretty face. One tit being bigger than the other is something I like, and both of Alena’s tits are of a good size, firm and with huge areolae. Her cunt looks very succulent with nice sized labia. What a great way to get your daily ration of yoghurt? (For more sets of Alena see Model_O02)

Click for free samples Pretty short haired brunette Alena (see Model_O02 for more sets) getting it on with her boyfriend. One of those soft-core sets where it is obvious they are faking it. Nonetheless, Alena’s plump body is always a joy to see, large but firm tits and a nice arse.

Click for free samples Russian teen Alena taking off her baseball kit.
This girl cannot be classed as ‘chubby’ but she is going that way for sure. Nonetheless her body is quite tight with a nice firm looking bum and her tits are fascinating. They look very firm and bouncy only showing the beginnings of stretch marks. I find the big areolae and difference in size a turn on.
To see more photos with this girl use Model_O02

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