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Started by anonymous at 05,Feb,07 03:20

Hi I just wanted to know if you are having a problem with your movie links at the moment. I have been trying to download some and have had partial success but the last couple of days the ftp/http link just times out.

Thanks for a great site

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By CameraMan at 05,Feb,07 07:26 Hide
It's always best to use some kind of downloader software for large files. It automatically restores connection if it breaks. There is a lot of it - Reget, GetRight, etc.

I do not see any problems with the server itself, but there can be a lot of other possible causes for the problems you are experiencing. Usually internet users are not connected directly to the server but through the route of 10-15 other servers. Problems on any of them may result in data packets losses and connection breaks.

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