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Started by anonymous at 03,Jan,07 15:15

do you have more of this women? on any other site? or other private photos..will pay private..thank you...very good site indeed.

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By CameraMan at 03,Jan,07 15:22 Hide
This girl was one time occasion. Young mom who was still trying to finish her study in the university and thus needed money. I believe those 3 photosets are the only content that exists with this girl. I never saw her again, she did not leave any phone number and I've never seen any other photos of other photographers with her.
By anonymous at 03,Jan,07 15:37 Hide
ok many thanks ..a pity .she is very nice

By anonymous at 03,Jan,07 15:48 Hide
if you find any in your archives that are extra to the 3 sets please tell me.have seen her on other site but not as good as this. thank you
By CameraMan at 03,Jan,07 16:00 Hide
I'm pretty sure those 3 sets are all I have made then. There were no any extras, test shots or scraps. I never did those.

As for the other site - I honestly doubt it was really her, but if you give me the link where you saw her I can try to dig into it.

It's possible that I also did a short video then, I don't remember this exactly. I remember in that period I was making 5 minute clips of all the girls and I was selling them exclusivelly to one site, which doesn't exist anymore. The content from that site, however, might has been sold to some other site/s. But I don't know anything sertain about this.

Also, I don't have those videoclips as I was wiping out all the content I sold exclusivelly.


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By anonymous at 03,Jan,07 17:12 Hide
a pity about the video clip , but many thanks anyway for your resonse

the other site is this
By CameraMan at 03,Jan,07 23:43 Hide
Photos on that page ( are actually the photos from this set

or if you do not have access to the members area.

"Russian Teen Sex" site simply bought those from me. I used to sell content at non-exclusive basis as well. They don't seem to have anything else than what I have here with this girl.
By anonymous at 21,Sep,08 16:54 Hide
- Onde posso encontrar os set completos das fotos da linda modelo Natalu (028).
- Como posso ser um membro deste site.
- Por favor indiquem-me o caminho.
By CameraMan at 21,Sep,08 17:02 Hide
Lo siento, amigo, no hablo Portuges. Puedes ser un miembro de este sitio solo con una tarjeta de credito. No hay otros posibilidades en este momento.

By anonymous at 05,Jan,07 14:44 Hide
hola mamasota escribanme cuando quieran
By anonymous at 06,Jan,07 08:46 Hide
sorry, i no speak english , yes?

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