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Started by anonymous at 15,Aug,06 12:58

Is there any girls from Nikolaev, Ukraine in these beautiful set-ups?

Would like to see pictures of girls from the city in Ukraine with the most beautiful girls in whole East Europe

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By CameraMan at 15,Aug,06 13:47 Hide
As far as I know there is not. However I doubt you would see any cardinal difference between these girls and the girls from Nikolaev. The type is pretty much the same.

Honestly, from what I can see, for example, here those girls from Nikolaev don't look most beautiful in Europe. At least for me.
By anonymous at 17,Aug,06 00:44 Hide
I see your point...however, I am a lot in Nikolaev, and it would be fun to date one of the girls on this web site ;-))

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 19:58 Hide

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