Why your monthly update is always late ?

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Started by anonymous at 09,Mar,06 13:11


I want to know as to why your monthly update is always late.

With Regards,

Richard Miller

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By CameraMan at 09,Mar,06 13:18 Hide
What do you mean "late"? First I updated this site in 15th of each month and today is only 9th. Later I began updating it rather between 6th and 10th considering wishes of the members who, like yourself, were impatient to wait until the middle of the month. But it's still not 10th.

You should consider also that sometimes there may be circumstances that delay the updates - for example I simply can be sick.

Update will be ready tomorrow. May be even later today.

By anonymous at 10,Mar,06 07:52 Hide
Sorry, for trouble, please

By anonymous at 14,Sep,11 08:16 Hide

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