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Started by anonymous at 28,Aug,05 23:58


Great site - now I've sorted out card and subscription problems that I had - thanks for the help on that!!

Now when I first subscribed I flicked through a lot of your models thinking to pick some later to download. There was one I wanted to get but I can't remember her name or model number. All I can remember was that she was a turn on and that I think you took the pics quite recently. She was in the bathroom and took a pee towards the end of the set in the bath. (Naughty girl!). Any ideas?



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By CameraMan at 29,Aug,05 00:35 Hide
I would probably remember it if I shot it myself. But part of the sets is produced by third-party photographers, so I'm not always familiar enough with some of the sets. I do not remember the set you describe.

The best I can do - I just added a search form to the bottom of the main page in members area (the page you first see when enter members area) you can try using it with words "shower" or "bath" to locate the girl you are interested in. Don't use complicated searches - it won't work, I really made it in 10 minutes. Just enter a single word or some part of a word.



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By anonymous at 17,May,10 21:26 Hide
This site look very nice but is there anyway to know if any of the very nice looking girls are in Hardcore video on this site or elsewhere. I would like to join and download many of the nice images but if there is no hotter stuff for some of the girls the site comes up a bit short. Or this there another site you have that has same quality ladies but a bit more hard core? Travis
By CameraMan at 17,May,10 23:14 Hide
There is no much hardcore here. You can see what we have through this link

By anonymous at 22,May,10 02:23 Hide
Are there anymore photos of Iren model 032, I love that girl
By CameraMan at 22,May,10 09:16 Hide
All I've got is here.

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