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Started by anonymous at 18,Jul,05 16:12


I must first of all congratulate you for the outstanding work of art you have produced, the real hard work you have put behind it, the taste you have and the eye you have to take such great shots.

I would like to know (if possible), as to if you know as to if the Model_229 is a gypsy.

And also, would like to know (if possible), as to if you are in regular touch with this model, if possible, please.

With Warm Wishes from New York,



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By CameraMan at 18,Jul,05 19:58 Hide
Hi, Nick.

Thank you for your warm words about my site.

Model_229 has a typical Ukrainian/Russian name and surname (Valeria Kovalenko to be exact) and honestly she doesn't look anything like gypsy to me. At least not what they typically look like around. I think you got that impression because of her hot black hair, but I dare to disappoint you telling that they are probably slightly painted, not natural, though their natural colour is close to black of no doubts.

I'm afraid I cannot show you what a genuine gypsy look like in Russia/Ukraine, I did not happen to shoot any of them. Model_115 is pretty much gypsy (and I'm sure in this, she said this herself) but only at half - her mother was gypsy and her father was not and because of that her skin is white which is not typical for local gypsy. Model_105 also look somewhat like gypsy but she's actually a pure jew.

As for your second question - I'm not in regular touch with Model_229, but I can try to catch her, depending on what you need about her.

By anonymous at 19,Jul,05 09:31 Hide

Thanks for your reply.

It is very nice that you reply the very same day. Very nice!

I would like to know if it is possible for you to shoot the Model_229 out of your country and also, inside your country (while, the shooting is done, the way the customer wants it), please.

Could you kindly tell.

Looking forward to your early reply.

With Warm Wishes,


By CameraMan at 19,Jul,05 21:07 Hide
Usually I reply as soon as I can. Sometimes within just 10 minutes after post, but sometimes I'm busy (you know how it happens some times when all at once are on you suddenly) or away.

As far as I know Model_229 doesn't have a passport for international travels. Actually most of models don't. So leaving country may be a problem.

As for the shooting inside Ukraine - it's quite possible I think. Please send me your description of the shooting and I'll try to arrange this. No video though, only photo. Due to some sircumstances we are unable to produce video with her.

Better send via e-mail to webmaster [at] andys-collection [dot] com


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