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Started by anonymous at 12,Jul,05 11:02

i am in Ukraine about four times a year for several weeks each visit. I know basic level Russian and am learning more. Would it be possible to meet or arrange a liason with some of your girls. I prefer to meet plain looking (but not ugly) chubby girls (that is with larger breasts). I would even request women over 35, but have learned that older women, especially those over 40 years old are liberal but very naive about sex, and don't do much except lay there waiting for the man to do missionary position. As a still potent (but weakening) over 50 year old man I need the stimulation and active involvement of the women to do my thing for me and them. Of course, I am generous and kind and wouldn't mind a serious long term supporting relationship with the right woman or two.


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I'm sorry, but I already wrote somewhere here that I do not provide dating services.

First, most of these models would not understand such a proposition. Believe me, I tried several times and it was not even about sex, some people just asked about good company to hang out a bit with. But most of girls refused exept those who were obvious prostitutes which is not what I think you are interested in.

Second, despite your good intentions it's still can be considered as prostitution (which is not really a big deal) and I (or my associates) can be considered pimps, which is a criminal offence with a penalty of 5+ years in jail. And I simply don't want to mess with it in any way.

I can suggest you to visit dating sites, there is a plenty of them and the girls/women who desire to meet a man from abroad. However I must warn you that there is a lot of fraud about this, so you'd better be careful. You can even be robbed in some rare cases if you are not careful.

Here is some listings of the dating sites:

I must stress that I'm in no way associated with any of those sites and do not give my word for any of them.


P.S. You are very observing about women over 35, though far not all of them are in the way you described. I had relationships with one 38 y.o. woman (I was much younger then, but far not an unexperienced boy already) who was just wonderful in bed (and not only in bed). I suppose that depends on their lifestyle. Don't get involved with lower class women, go for more intelligent ones instead. It's harder, but it's worth it.
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meeting with the models

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