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Started by anonymous at 15,Jun,10 01:53

In your "GE" pages of models when I got to page 022 I got the "page does not exist" blank window. Is no there page 022 for that group or a glitch in the url or something else?

And in the great "O" series of models you have something like 1 through 9 of them and then it skips to 20. Are there no 10 through 19 numbered models or are they not up yet or is it something else?

That you've taken the time to write out some comments on every set and clip that you've put up makes it seem like you're as much of a fan (or non-fan) of them as the rest of us besides it just being your business you're running.

It sounds like you could write a book on your adventures over there when you were doing your own photography. From joinging and getting a better look with the full size pictures I can see that some of those places really are major shitholes. The brick laying work on buildings and walls outside and the tile setting in places inside look to be especially shoddy. It must have been an eye opener to see it for yourself.

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By anonymous at 15,Jun,10 02:58 Hide
I meant the "OB" series of models.

By CameraMan at 15,Jun,10 09:43 Hide
As for the model numbers - those are just errors in numeration. I'm not really sure already why I made them. I was not even aware of them until you mentioned.

As for the comments - I honestly hate writting comments for the sets I did not make. I was writting comments on the girls I met personally and it was not a problem - I did have impressions on every one of them and I wanted to share so they came out easy. But when I stopped shooting (which was not totally voluntary) and started buying from other Russian photographers it seemed just not right to stop writting comments on the new sets when older ones already had them. So I continued to make comments but mostly not personally - I paid to description writers for them.

It was fun when I worked with girls, but to watch others photographers works is not fun after that. Indeed I liked some of the models and did not like some others. I liked most of the girls I worked continuously with. I simply did not work with the girls I did not like after the first attempt.

Shitholes were not eye-opener for me - I've seen enough of shitholes during my younger years. However I really did learn a lot of new, sometimes ugly sides of life I was not aware of earlier. Despite the fact that we all were quite poor back in USSR and my family lived in a middle of workers district it was still a family of an engineer and a teacher so I was protected from many things by my parents and upbringing. Indeed, the neighbours next door to us secretly produced a home-made alchogol and sold it to local drunks, I remember the stinch of the fermentation and lost persons who came to buy it, but that was not nearly as horrible as some things I learned from the girls later.

Most of the girls who participate in nude shootings are exhibitionists by their nature. That means they do not only show their bodies, they tend to share what is inside them. So from some of them I learned a totally new for me sides of human nature. It is one thing to know about rapes and another to hear a story of one from the victim. It's one thing to know about family abuses and another - to hear a story from a person who was abused. It's one thing to know about existance of perverts and another is to hear from the people who got involved. Like those strippers who told me that the club owner where they work make them participate in his BDSM games with his woman who likes to poke fired cigarettes against their intimate parts. Also they told that there are under 16 gils working as strippers in that club also acting as prostitutes with the clients. When I told to my fellow police officer about that he answered me "we know, but we cannot do anything about that - he got too powerful connections".

I don't even wanna go into this. Anyone can learn about these things though, if he cares to go living into corresponding environment. I bet it exists in many places over the world. Not a safe adventure, however.

By anonymous at 16,Jun,10 03:24 Hide
Just about as soon as I hit the submit button I realized that there are plenty of neighborhoods within an hour of me that while the brick and tile work may be better are also total major shitholes. They aren't exclusive to one part of the planet.

Having been a sailor in my earlier years I got a quite a good exposure for good and bad both to the underside of the world and so many people. I guess enough so that I don't think there's been anything that's really shocked me since, just dissapointed me a lot.

I'll have to come up with another post for you having the OB series of models here later. I've been a fan of them for I guess more than ten years now as they first started appearing on the web as early as 1999. They sure did keep their cameras busy.
By CameraMan at 16,Jun,10 08:56 Hide
OB series are of a Novosibirsk studio that got closed quite some time back. I have something in stock yet, for several months probably, but after that they will be finished forever.

Russian (or entire ex-USSR area for that matter) laws are slippery. You can push porn at night hours through TV channels or shoot "rape-fantasy" clips if you have right connections or you can get closed for selling porn journals at lousy store or shooting softcore photos. They got closed.

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