So andy I have been on your site since 2002 and have a question.

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Started by anonymous at 19,Apr,10 03:36

Andy I know you said you have now relocated to Brazil and when you did that I had yet to travel there. Now that I have been I would like to know if you could make another site and have it be of those women. If you do make it like this one because I have enjoyed this site over the years and think it is one of the best sites on the web for amateur women. Also where are you now and what have you been up to? And also if you do make another site do add more videos than this one.

Loyal follower since the beginning

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By CameraMan at 19,Apr,10 08:39 Hide
Well, shooting photos and videos is the least hard part. Just take the money out of your pocket and the girls will come. But making it profitable is another thing.

People have too many problems recently - generally due to the crisis which is very far from ending. I'm afraid it can last for years. Which means entertainment industry shrinks a lot - people rather spend money on more necessary things than porn. Which means if I make another site - I will have a problem with advertizing it. Honestly, this site continuously loses customers during past 1.5 years, since the crisis started. And it's an old and known site which has followers like you. If I launch a new site - it will be new, unknown and with no followers. Basically it will not earn money nearly close to the money necessary to pay out shootings. And I'm reluctant to put my money into it for years, considering the economic situation - I can simply run out of money sooner than the site starts earning.

That's why I kinda shifted to another field - photo/video sharing sites where I do not have to pay for the content. It's of no interest to you, I'm afraid, because it's mostly gay. Women usually do not like to make or share their photos. It's pair if you wonder.
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Hey Andy me again.

I was wondering if you have noticed this site has been left to die. Well I know you are off doing those gay sites but how much did you have to pay a set man? I bet if you made a site like this with those women it would work out fine. I would be your first subscriber. I would get more too. Andys-Colletion-Brazil. Sounds nice to me no?

Loyal follower since the beginning
By CameraMan at 21,Apr,11 03:04 Hide
My problems are deeper than that. I had a lot of personal bad luck recently. Not sure if I can get out of it.
By anonymous at 21,Apr,11 23:46 Hide
So Basically Andy you owe some powerful people money right? That sucks. Well I hope you can get out of whatever hole you dug yourself into. I can help a bit but not really if it is really bad. Need longer pockets myself. But the thing is this site man. It isn't like it used to be it needs more life. I understand you do what you can but straight porn needs you back man.

Take care, Loyal follower since the beginning

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