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Started by anonymous at 18,Jan,10 04:35

Last week I used the feature to get galleries without become a member (posting URLs in forums etc.). But since today doesn't work any link although the visit count has permanently gone up!
Whats the matter?

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By CameraMan at 18,Jan,10 07:37 Hide
link example, please.
By anonymous at 07,Jun,11 01:35 Hide
What happen to samples after Jan 2011

By anonymous at 18,Jan,10 08:08 Hide
By CameraMan at 18,Jan,10 08:20 Hide
And what exactly is wrong? All 3 are up and running. 74,72 and 58 visits respectivelly.

Unless you cleaned up the cookies in your browser you should not have any problems with them.
By anonymous at 18,Jan,10 08:27 Hide
It seems that I get only a simply free version of that galleries when I call these links in my browser. Yesterday It works all fine but no longer today.

How can I check the cookie thing?
By CameraMan at 18,Jan,10 08:46 Hide
That means you cleaned up the cookies. If you did - you cannot restore them. Normally it does not happen unless you made a clean-up manually or have some kind of history-cleaner installed. Could also happen if you changed the security settings in your browser or updated it with a newer version.

I suppose you are opening them from the same computer and same browser, indeed. Otherwise it definitelly will not work.

By CameraMan at 18,Jan,10 10:20 Hide
I updated the database and you should now see those galleries OK. Please do not do this anymore, I'm not supposed to update the database manually every time someone wipes out his cookies.
By anonymous at 18,Jan,10 10:54 Hide
It works again, many thanks.

(But I don't understand this bug.)
By CameraMan at 18,Jan,10 11:01 Hide
This is not a bug. Since there is no registration (most of people would not use it anyway) - the only way the site can recognize you is cookies. So if you wipe them out or change computer or browser - the site will not recognize you.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,11 05:56 Hide
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