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Started by kuldeep at 18,Mar,09 19:44

Hey Andy

Love the collection, but could we have more of this girl please

She's the one with Alena.

I've seen her and her friends around the web quite a bit (namely Model_O41 and the blonde in this set )

Infact there were a whole slew of these girls from the same photographer but i think they went out of business some time ago.

If you still know where to get these sets that would be awsome.

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By CameraMan at 18,Mar,09 19:48 Hide
That's correct, they are our of business. If I have this girl within the rests of photos I purchased from them, I'll definitelly put her up.


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By kuldeep at 13,May,09 12:19 Hide
Thanks man that would be awsome

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