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Started by anonymous at 25,Feb,09 17:50

Hi, the link doesn't work. I am looking for a pic of this girl, but there is no preview available. Pics were posted on december 12, 2003, series is called "Tan blonde in small blue dress playing with her strings". Is there a pic in this series where the girl is kneeling on the bed wearing a g-string? I am looking for a particular pic of the girl but i am not sure if it is her. Thx!

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By CameraMan at 25,Feb,09 18:02 Hide
Indeed it does not work. Free preview is not available for this set.

I cannot guarantee you that this is the set you are looking for.
By anonymous at 25,Feb,09 18:37 Hide
Thx for your fast reply! Can you tell me if there is a pic in the set of the girl kneeling on the bed, wearing a g-string? Thx again!
By CameraMan at 25,Feb,09 19:07 Hide
She is kneeling on the bed, but it's rather not a g-string she's wearing.
By anonymous at 25,Feb,09 20:37 Hide
Is there any way i can see the pic, or a part of it? even only her face? Thx!
By CameraMan at 25,Feb,09 23:14 Hide
This forum is set up to do not parse html in order to prevent spam.

So, load this thumbnail manually -

By anonymous at 19,Aug,10 13:06 Hide

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