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Started by anonymous at 22,Aug,08 07:50

I used to surf in the net with "Mozilla"

Everytime i try to visit i will be linked to some other sites but not andys-collection. When i am using another internetbrowser just like "internet Explorer" instead of "Mozilla", it works but only about one day. Next day i try to go onto that site it doesnt work. Then if i try again with another Browser (like "Opera") it works again for one day.
Why is that?
If i would make me an 90 days account at Andys-collection then i can use my Money i payed only one day. :(

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By CameraMan at 22,Aug,08 07:54 Hide
If you have paid, you should go directly into members area -
By anonymous at 22,Aug,08 23:22 Hide
i would like to be part of yuor website. if i could be i woul dlike to promote yuor site to others. if i could would i get the pics free or a fre members area
By CameraMan at 22,Aug,08 23:29 Hide

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