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Started by GabeForest at 14,Jun,08 18:19

I've come across some other pictures of her that appear to be from one, two or three sets other than the five listed here. Some were of her taking a shower, some were of her sitting in a chair with nothing on but a black coat (or robe), and the others were of her on a bed (a couple of her tied up, a couple of her removing a coat and hat). Do you have these sets or does anyone know where I can find the fulls set(s)?

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By CameraMan at 14,Jun,08 18:25 Hide
As far as I know that girl did not pose for anyone else than me. Thus, those are probably the sets I sold exclusivelly. I recall shooting something like you describe. No, I do not have them and could not place them here if I had, because I do not have rights to do this. I do not remember who I sold them to. It was about 6 years ago.
By anonymous at 06,Jul,08 18:26 Hide
hi hwaruo? u have sexy plez?

By anonymous at 26,Dec,10 02:42 Hide
me shankar from india iam very thankfull to u all to see alla these nice pics

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Hi this the ndn cowboy. i jurt stared on this site and i have really enjoyed ur models. just wanted to say thanx for the good work.

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