where did my pics go?

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Started by anonymous at 08,Jun,08 13:11

why were all the links that I had pictures gone to? I hada a couple of sets saved and now they are all gone why is this???

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By CameraMan at 08,Jun,08 13:15 Hide
I have no idea what you are talking about. Sets are sorted by popularity, so their location within categories can change. However there is no way they can change their absolute URLs.

By anonymous at 08,Jun,08 13:26 Hide
I am talking about when I clicked on the page where it says click on this very url ( in pink ) and my pictures usually came up and now they are all been set back to zero why is this?
By CameraMan at 08,Jun,08 13:36 Hide
Do you enter it from the same computer and the same browser?
By anonymous at 10,Jun,08 19:04 Hide
yes i did
By CameraMan at 11,Jun,08 08:10 Hide
Regretably I cannot repeat your problem, you are the first one who has this kind of complain in 6 months.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,08 19:43 Hide
well all my saved links are turning up expired or never existed you should put in that the free images only last a couple days ...any way but regretably i have to say that you should change your name to "buyer" and not "cameraman " "cause you are now showing pictures that I have had Of model O02 for quite a few years and boy she doesn't look a day older she is better known as "robin ryder" not this "alena" is this the only name that you people over there can come up with? seems that there are alot try googling"robin ryder" I have these pics for years and look... no name ) cut into the picture) yes i am pissed and no you didnt take these pictures nice try tho'... oh and if you need more of her just ask...I too have been to the site x-photography before it closed down
By CameraMan at 12,Jun,08 00:44 Hide
Those pics are not supposed to expire in 2 days. They actually supposed to expire in 2 months from the last visit. In other words if anyone at all visits those pages (not necessarily you, may be anyone) they stays active 2 more months after that. But I'm no wizard, since you do not register during creation of the page, I can only record your IP and set up a cookie (wich lasts 1 year btw). If the pages vanished that means both things has happened: you cleared your cookies (willingly or automatically by some "history cleaner" software) and your IP has changed (which is normal if you have a dynamic IP). But I repeal again - you are the first one in 6 months with this problem. I probably should write another warning about "history cleaners" there.

I never said I took those pics. Only pics up to December 2004 are my own. Later I started to purchase from other photographers. This particular girl - Model_O02 is from Novosibirsk, Russia, and names like "Robin Ryder" simply do not exist in Russian language.
By anonymous at 12,Jun,08 19:18 Hide
my appologies to you prsonally.. ( my bad and 'enough from me) ever try saying that country?-city? with a mouth full of crackers? lol
By anonymous at 12,Jun,08 19:52 Hide
sorry 1 more little thing does she do any movies? or clips?
By CameraMan at 13,Jun,08 00:16 Hide
I do not believe she is still modelling at all. That studio went out of business and I'm not aware of any other studio in Novosibirsk.

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