How much do models get paid?

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Started by anonymous at 30,Apr,08 19:25

I am just wondering how much money the girls in Russia get paid to make a photo gallery? I assume it depends on how pretty they are?

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By CameraMan at 30,Apr,08 20:40 Hide
The model either sells or does not. If she sells you shoot her and pay, if not - you don't.

How much you pay to the model for one hour (or one set) depends on an average income in the area and how many other photographers work in the area. In some places in Russia you can pay only $15-20 per hour, because the average monthy salary there is only $100. But in the places like St.Petersburg, more expencive and full of photographers, it's rare that a model gets less than $100 per session. They won't even come to the studio for less than that.


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