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Started by anonymous at 29,Apr,08 04:49

Very nice site.
I'm wondering why don't you have a affiliate program for webmaster?

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By CameraMan at 29,Apr,08 08:58 Hide
I do have a primitive affiliate program. The use of it is virtually non existing.

Frankly speaking - it's totally another kind of business. It does not matter if the site is good. It matters if you know how to presentate yourself in front of the webmasters. Many successful (in terms of money) affiliate programs sell a total ****.

I'm not a public person, I do not like beating in a big drum and usually I do not like working with people. Besides, webmasters tend to critisize the design, the content, make acuses of shaving, etc. while only 1/20 of them generate any sales.

Or we can simply tell that I have no skills, needed to launch a successful affiliate program.

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