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Started by onehornydude at 25,Feb,08 17:14

hi there.

im thinking about paying for a membership, BUT, i will first get my credit card in 2009..

so i read in forum, that you can post a link ? so people can visit the page, and then you can see the intire album.

im not that good at computers, so im asking.
since its only (1 girl 4 diffrent albums) then i really don't won't to pay..

but how do i do that free thing ??

there are 4 links in total..

(1) Direct link: xxxxxx

(2) HTML code for webpages: xxxxx

(3) UBB code for most of the forums: xxxxxx

(4) Another format UBB code: xxxxx

i don't get it.. i shall save the first link..
but which link do i use, for "the visitors" ??

ect. if im on freeones bulletin board ??

hope its okay to ask, since my english isnt that good.

the girl i want pictures of is her :

or if anyone would be kindly to mail them to me (.rar) ??

my e-mail is :

hope someone will take the time to help me out.

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By CameraMan at 25,Feb,08 18:36 Hide
I have no idea what codes are allowed at the board where you want to post a link on. I guess a direct link should do.
By onehornydude at 26,Feb,08 07:05 Hide
i thought the direct link was "for me only" kinda..
since it says (save or record this URL)

but ill try it.
thanks for the fast reply :-)
By onehornydude at 26,Feb,08 07:09 Hide
eventhough it would be way easier if you could send the 4 albums too my e-mail.. :-)
because i really don't understand "the guide" :-(

btw. thanks for this site i love it..
just found it last night :-)

By CameraMan at 26,Feb,08 07:12 Hide
It works both ways. And all the urls are same actually, they only formated differently for the convenience.
By onehornydude at 26,Feb,08 07:18 Hide
okay, so i just post the direct link (here on andys-collection)
and that will get the set, som visitors ?
By CameraMan at 26,Feb,08 07:22 Hide
It won't do you any good. First, there is no much people on this forum and second - posted links are not active here.

Not speaking of that the idea is that you attract some other visitors, who do not know this site... I.e. to post the link somewhere else.
By onehornydude at 26,Feb,08 11:28 Hide
thanks for all the help.
just wondering, do you know her name ? or where else i can find some pics / vids of her ?
By CameraMan at 26,Feb,08 16:10 Hide
Nope, have no idea. Those are not even russians. I purchased them on occasion during a big sale.

By anonymous at 04,Apr,08 20:20 Hide
I can't pay for i have not any card and our money is not a devis

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