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Started by anonymous at 20,Feb,08 16:57

Hi Andy,

I have only recently discovered your site, quite by chance.
It is a wonderful find!

Here is some feedback for you though:

Your early softcore full strip sequences were marvellous.
OK picture size was small, and there are always ways to change or improve things but they fit into a greatly under-supported niche.
Sure you can get part strip sequnces anywhere, or hardcore or glamour sets. They are all over the net. I see you made attempts to diversify, which you say were at best part successful.

I particularly like the older sets where the model starts out fully clothed in everyday wear, either smart, elegant or casual and strips to full nudity.
Is there any chance of a return to this format?
On the plus side, it would re-focus the site and if properly promoted would attract other fans of this 'Full Strip Fetish' which in general, is sadly so poorly catered for.

What I see as improvements on the early full strip sets could be:

1) More clothing....A longer strip increases anticipation.
2) More full body shots: Fully clothed, part stripped & naked.
2)A few shots as each item is removed & after removal....Then on to the next item.
3)Leave discarded clothing 'in shot.' It re-inforces the strip sequence and adds a little colour too.
4)Bigger pics than the early sets.
5)More landscape format shots.

Sorry this is such a long post, but you have hit on one of my passions here ;0) :0)

I hope you can understand what I have posted. :0)

Best regards,


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By CameraMan at 20,Feb,08 17:17 Hide
Ohh, I can understand you just fine, though I honestly did not even know that there is a full-strip fetish niche. As you correctly say, you can see this kind of content dispersed almost everywhere.

However the problem is that those old sets were shot mostly by me personally but I quit shooting 3 years ago and now purchase photos from different Russian photographers. So what I have here is pretty much what I could get but not exactly what I wanted. Regretably there is no way for me to start shooting again, I live on a different continent and girls here are totally different and, I'm afraid, not nearly that attractive as what you can see here.
By anonymous at 20,Feb,08 17:35 Hide
Hi Andy,

Thanks for the speedy response.

That is the problem the niche is there but sadly not properly catered for, or even recognised.....I think we may be founder members! LOL

Perhaps there are not enough customers to make a fortune, but I do know of a lot of folk who enjoy this type of photoset. One of your old customers is still producing two websites with this sort of content. &

Sadly his update rate is one set a week on each :0/
Very mid-90's LOL

There is also but this is very 'glamour' orientated & too softcore.
Even full frontal nudity is not guaranteed. :0(

I agree that largely the photographers you are using don't 'get' what you are wanting.
Perhaps you could direct your photographers to this thread!

LOL ;0)

Cap'n. :0)
By CameraMan at 20,Feb,08 17:50 Hide
I never possesed imagination of & owner. He comes up with new plots all the time. Well, at least he was coming up with them when I used to shoot for him. This is what makes his sites interesting. And by the way, he keeps them softcore in order to do not have problems with the british law, he lives in UK.
By anonymous at 20,Feb,08 17:55 Hide
Yes, I have been a member of his sites since they first started.

( I wish you could get a few more shoots with some of your earlier models. They were very attractive ladies. )

His preference for softcore is not so much limited by UK law as by preference.

He has another community site

He & his members are 'Full Strip Fetish'ists, by inclination, if not be name! LOL

Cap'n. :0)
By anonymous at 20,Feb,08 18:21 Hide
Hi Andy,

Feel free to drop me an email if you wish to investigate or discuss this idea in greater detail.

Cap'n. :0)
By CameraMan at 20,Feb,08 23:59 Hide
Tanks. But this is a bit out of my hands. If I could only shot it personally...
By anonymous at 21,Feb,08 13:47 Hide
Well,..... Surely all your local girls aren't out of a horror show! ;0) LOL
By CameraMan at 21,Feb,08 20:12 Hide
Believe me, they are. Besides, I do not know how to deal with them. Do you think that natural look came by itself? I was making a clown of myself to make those girls relax and smile. It was very exausting by the way.
By anonymous at 22,Feb,08 02:35 Hide
I think you need to move to a prettier area! :00

There is always more to things than meets the eye! ;0) LOL
By CameraMan at 22,Feb,08 08:02 Hide
There is nothing wrong with the area itself. In fact, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world...
By anonymous at 22,Feb,08 08:46 Hide
That wasn't quite my meaning..... I was meaning where the girls are prettier! ;0) LOL
By CameraMan at 22,Feb,08 09:05 Hide
Indeed, but this site does not give nearly enough money to live in a place that is beautiful itself and has pretty girls in the same time. LOL
By anonymous at 12,Apr,08 19:03 Hide

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