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Started by Guy at 06,May,07 09:52


Your payment service segpay wont take my money to re-enter your site.
The answers I get from them have nothing to do for the problem.

this is what happend:

1) last year (I think december) my Bank called me suspecting fraud and showed me a lot of charges.
The reason was because the card had been used in multiple states in same day as I was on a road trip across the country.

2) They gave me several charges they cosidired suspicious.

Segpay was one of them.

Since I didnt associate segpay with your service ( andy's collections) I said "Yeah ok cancel it"
Yes, it was a mistake. : (

3) Now Segpay wont take my money to get your service back!!! Citing "credit risk"

Thats nonsense the card was always active.
I will gladly pay extra $$ if my banks cancellation resulted in an unpaid month ( though I think we pay ahead of time not backdated)

My Bank cancelling the service has nothing to do with anything.
Cancelling a service should not be a reason for denial of service for the future right?

4) I even tried using my other Card and it was declined (!) even though they are both working Cards!
This has been gping on for months.
And ccbilling accepts both cards when I became a member on some competing (but inferior) sites.

5) All I want is to get this fixed and be able to access your service again.

Would you please help me?


A desperate user
(my email is in my registration stats here)

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By Guy at 06,May,07 10:06 Hide

I just got an answer form Segpay stating that it is not but my bank which is declining it.

That almost makes sense I guess, they could have listed them as "blocked" based on a misintepretation of my earlier conversation with them.

The previous customer support people at Segway stated though, that were declining it themsleve, due to me now being a "risk".

That made little sense to me.

I suspect my more desperately written post may have gotten the attention of a manager and thereforegotten more competent attention?

In any event,I am grateful to whoever wrote my last segway reply and will talk to my bank.



By CameraMan at 07,May,07 13:04 Hide
I have no control over billing whatsoever. I can only advice you to get a virtual card and pay with it. For example with ePassporte. This is not the only one service that can get you virtual credit/debit card.

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