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Welcome, dear surfer.

Feel free to post your opinion about my site www.andys-collection.com discuss girls, propose improvements, ask questions.

If you don't like something about the site's navigation (including this board itself) and you know how to make it better - I appreciate if you write this here.

If you wan't me to add more photos with any particular girl from my site, feel free to ask here.

If you have problems with your subscribtion or login, don't hesitate to ask, but don't post your private info here. It's a public board.

Thank you for coming here.



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By anonymous at 01,Sep,04 14:43 Hide
andy, i just write this to tell you how much i apreciate your work. i'm not a sexy websites amator and i don't know what to say abot this bussines. i just observed this amasing collection and i imagine that behind this is a lot of time, energy and work. i am a little businesman and i know what means to work for something, year after year to get some goals. whell, it doesn't matter after all what kind of work it is but i just want to transmit you my appreciation for you work.
By anonymous at 01,Sep,04 23:26 Hide
Thanks a lot, somi.
It's really nice to hear that people admire my work.

Yes, you are right. This site contains all the content I shot in past 3 years. I remember how I started - I did not understand anything in this biz yet then, I did not have much money - only one thousand $$ and old Sony Cybershot digital camera bought at the auction of refurbished goods. Some people think adult biz is easy. Well, that might be right 6-7 years ago, but when I started it was not that easy already, and was getting tougher day by day. I remember that I was dumping every $1 I could get into shootings and I did not see any pay back and was working like crazy. I started getting some returns only after 8 month of hard work. If I knew at the start how hard it may be, probably I would not get into it. But I'm here, still alive and kicking :)

Now I think that I should started this site long ago. This way I could earn much more money than selling content to other webmasters as I did, and thus I could make now more and better content for your pleasure. But I was too unexperienced to make it then. Only now I gathered enough of knowledge and resourses to make it. Hope it will go well.

Thanks again for your good words, it's really encouraging.

By anonymous at 02,Sep,04 16:08 Hide
i'm glad to encourage you. sometime i need also someone to push me forward. i started my bussines (software) a year ago with a pentium2 (becose i was so tired to work more for others). now i have a toshiba laptop and a few money and a lot of liberty and i see my life very diferent. only god knows how much i work. and when i find someone working like me i am glad to salute him.
By CameraMan at 02,Sep,04 23:49 Hide

I understand you very well. I became a photographer exactly for the same reason - I was tired to work for others. Actually I had to work much more hard being a photographer than when I was just an employee. And I still work more than most of employees. For example - yesterday I worked from 9 AM to 11:30PM almost non stop - I was finishing the descriptions for this site. I even ate before the computer LOL. And as I already said, more than a half of first year I was spending more than I was earning. I thought many times that it's much safer to be just an eployee then. But now I think it's great that I'm not one of those office clerks anymore.

By anonymous at 09,Sep,04 11:03 Hide
By CameraMan at 09,Sep,04 11:09 Hide
I believe you wanted to write something :)

By anonymous at 13,Sep,04 19:03 Hide
what the hell is your problem with ragging on about"Zhenya's"
"saggy" tits.I'll never understand porn morons.Big tits are bad cause they're "saggy".So they should all be silicone right?I bet your balls are "saggy" too.Pump them full of silicone so nobody has to see them "saggy".Unbelievable.
By CameraMan at 14,Sep,04 00:03 Hide
LOL. That's some good laugh. Your post made my day...

They are saggy, are not they? So what am I supposed to write about them? Try to write 1500 DIFFERENT descriptions and you'll see that not all of them are brilliant.

And after all, I love big natural tits including saggy ones, but I know that many of surfers do not. I should be polite to my customers, but it's not me who is moron in this case because I simply reflect the surfers preferences so you shoul call them morons not me :)

I know what sell well and what does not, even if I don't like this. Most of people like something like this:


Because those tits are big and quite tight. But even more because of young look of the girl.

And BTW, I don't like young looking "teenager" girls, I like formed girls 22-25 y.o. And sometimes I just hate seeing how people click like crazy on thumbnails with underage looking girl. But I try to avoid calling them "morons"...

Keep in mind that peoples prefferences may be very different.

Smile and relax.


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By CameraMan at 14,Sep,04 00:06 Hide
By the way, if you can suggest better descriptions about Zhenya, feel free to send them to me. I'll be only glad to update them if they are good. I'm not a friggin writer after all and it's always a pain in the ass for me to write them...

I must also confess that not all of the descriptions were written by me. I could not manage all of them, so I ask one of the girls who has some writting talents and English knowledge to help me. It may be that description that angers you was written by her. She has small tits and doesn't like big tits at all (I'm sure in this, because she told me that several times). LOL


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By anonymous at 14,Sep,04 19:13 Hide
Glad to be of service and that you saw the intended humor.For it was meant to be humor with a purpose.And as long as I'm at it this what I mean by porn morons:they who treat women like **** even though your entire business depends on them.
they who somewhere along the line changed blow job to having the guys always finish by jacking off.I'm not looking to see a guy a jack off,if I am I can see myself.Or the porn moron who can't take his hand off his dick when surrounded by beautifull naked women.You do that when your alone.
ohhh ****............I could go on and on.
Big,real,saggy tits make the world go round
glad you have a sense of humor
By CameraMan at 14,Sep,04 23:48 Hide
This is where I understand you very well. When a girl does blowjob to me in real life, I indeed prefer her to swallow, and don't like to take it off. But on photos or on videos you cannot see this, because it's inside of her mouth, so I guess surfers are unsatisfied with videos where a man cums inside of a girls mouth. I think this is the only reason why everyone shoot it this way. Trust me, most of porn producers do not like it as well, but they just gotta do it this way, because surfers like this.

Well... there are indeed really weird niches - like facials (or even worse bukkake) and handjobs.

I guess facials and bukkake are just kinds of big humiliation niche including BDSM, pissing on women, spitting and other **** I'd better do not mention here. As for me, I don't like to dominate women and no way don't like to humuliate them. That's why I do not shoot this kind of content. But trust me, those are very popular. Honestly they sell better than my stuff - just cute and ordinary nude girls.

Handjobs is another thing. I do not understand it either, but I know guys who prefer girls to jerk them off instead of doing blowjob. Funny thing - there is a subniche in this niche, where girls should have long kempt nails, and people who like it are even able to tell if the nails are not natural and they are not aroused by it then. Go figure.

So in most cases it's all not about porn producers, it's about surfers. Producers just do what people buy. It's a business in the first place. And webmasters make those dirty descriptions like "see this horny little bitch ready to **** the **** out of you" instead of "look at this beautiful young lady" also because surfers at average are more attracted by first description, not by decent one. :(

Hope you are not bored with this little lecture :)


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By anonymous at 14,Sep,04 01:34 Hide
I'm sure you have no photos of the model 161, Lena having sex with a man or anything, but that is one thing that i'd love to see added to the site. Of course she is my favorite. But anyway, I love photos that focus on her bare feet too. I love her feet.
By CameraMan at 14,Sep,04 01:57 Hide
Well, no I did not have any hardcore pix with her. If I had you would be able to find them using Model_161 reference.

Honestly I'm not sure if she does hardcore. And I have not seen her for about half of year. Last time I saw her, she borrowed some money from me because she was in tight circumstances and then disappeared. I don't mind giving small credit to models. I just did not have any job for her at that moment, I'm sure she would work it off, she was quite responsible always. But obviously something had happen then so she must leave the city. I'll try to find her and if she's OK, I will try to make hardcore with her, I wanted to make it anyway.

However I must say, that regretably it seems to me that getting mature she become looking less attractive. I think she looks better on very first sets than in more recent sets. I'm afraid that next time I see her she can be even less attractive. Girls may change a lot, you know, and not always to better :(

Thanks for the feedback.


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By anonymous at 18,Sep,04 16:38 Hide
Dear Andy!
Your work is a pioneer step in psychology. You try to narrow a barrier
between our imaginations and real girls. You are a killer of illusions.
But some notices.
The first. Please, pay more attention to punctuation and word's order, some senteces are not clear.
The second. Are the models acquainted with Your descriptions? Are they agree?
The third. Are these descriptions bare true, or here presents element of fiction?
May I write You in private manner on Your e-mail?
By CameraMan at 18,Sep,04 23:09 Hide
Hi Aquarius.

Well, honestly I did not intend it to be any kind of a pioneer step :) I just wrote those descs to make sets somewhat specific, I could simply leave them without any descriptions, but I thought it would be too flavourless.

I'm not a native English speaker so I appreciate any help with my mistakes. I'm very well aware that what I write is not always correct and probably not even understandable in some cases.

Most of the descriptions are made by me personally and I'm not a writer, I have very bad imagination, so I simply wrote what I remember most about those girls. I could write much more about some of them, but I try to make it short. In most cases those description are bare truth. It's just that they may be not complete, because some other truth was left behind the story as irrelevant.

But some of the descriptions were wrote by one friend of mine, because I could not manage to write them all by myself. They are mostly fake, though that girl who wrote them also knew some of the models and in those cases she wrote truth as well.

As for the permition to wite such things about gilrs, before the shooting they all sign a Model Release, which is a common practice - Model Release is required along with models ID if you are going to distribute the content in any way. And my Model Release contains the following statement among others:

"Such photographs may be used, in the sole discretion of the users, with or without my name, or any fictitious name, and with fictitious or accurate quotations, interviews or biographical material. The users may use such the photographs and accurate or fictitious statements attributed to me, which may constitute endorsement of services or products, in the sole discretion of the users."

So I do not break anything.

I'm sending email to the address you specified. If it's correct you will be able to reply me privarelly if you wish.

Thanks for the feedback.


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